On Writing Romance

Almost two years have gone by since I joined my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. It’s been a journey through three manuscripts and a decision to indie publish. Many guests have come and offered their expertise to club meetings and I’ve soaked it up like a sponge. I began looking for tools I could use. I read a lot of books. One of the books that I read was put out by my chapter and was just the kind of book I like to read. It’s an anthology of several writers in our group, offering their words of wisdom. The book is called Writing Romance The Ultimate Guide on Craft, Creation and Industry Connections. One article in particular by Doreen DeSalvo helped me decide to indie publish. She share’s five reasons you might want to e-pub yourself.

  • When your book is Stranger than a palm tree on Mt. Everest.   She says that e-pubbers blaze new trails. Traditional publishers won’t touch certain genres or styles. Blaze your own trail.
  • When you want a personal touch.  When you want questions answered, e-pubs will be more approachable than the big NY firms.
  • When you’re almost – but not quite – ready for New York.  You’ll get more attention, whether that comes at revision time or with your craft, they are there for you.
  • For the money.  You don’t get as large an advance but you get paid more promptly and at a larger pecentage rate.
  • When you crave instant gratification.  DeSalvo explains that it is not “instant” per se but it is much faster than the tradional publishing route.

Read the rest of the article in the Writing Romance The Ultimate Guide on Craft, Creation and IndustryConnections  for more information on e-pubbing and other great information like goal, motivation and conflict and how to feed your muse. For more posts on this great book check out the following blogs Karysa Faire’s Way  , Reina Williams  and Beth Barany.

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