Six Sentence Sunday is here again! Six Sentence Sunday is all about sharing six sentences of your work in progress with the world. Click on the link to take you to a hundred plus other authors who are doing the same thing I am. It’s a great way to find about about authors and get a taste of their writing.

For my selection this week I am taking six sentences from my book Stained. It will be released digitally in September. It’s still technically a work in progress as I am in the final edits right now. The heroine is a natural-born Irish witch named Thorn who is also a tattoo artist. She lives in Berkeley, California. The hero is a homicide Detective named Se. It’s pronounced Shay. His name is Gaelic for Raven. Thorn’s clients start turning up dead and the police suspect her of being a serial killer. Se has to prove her innocence. Enjoy!

Now she was skyclad, having tossed her clothes off for the rest of her ritual. Twirling and moving in a carefree manner, she was
focused on her magick. She chanted and danced. She felt secure knowing that no one would be around to see, but he was watching in the dawn. Silently he moved closer, the soft bare earth of the Berkeley hills beneath his feet.

A set smile was on his lips but his eyes were dead pools of black as he walked right through her circle.

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