I often hear the words HARRY POTTAH! ringing through my house. It’s pronounced the way Mr. Dursely says it when he is mad at Harry. When we use it, we are signaling to everyone that we are starting a Potter movie and they better come running if they want to watch. With the upcoming release of Deathly Hallows Part II, I have been obsessively hearing Mr. Dursely’s voice echoing through my small mind.

The Atlantic published an article today discussing why the movies were more successful than the books.  Here’s the link The Atlantic . It’s an interesting read but very disappointing. For many, the books have been a step into the magik of reading. It’s been boasted as having turned a whole generation into YA (young adult) readers. The books that the Atlantic issaying are cluttered with details are in fact enriched by them. Myself, a diehard Potter fan, wishes that the movies could have incorporated more from the books. It’s truly wrong when a culture encourages a movie over reading.

What say you? Are you someone who prefers to see the movie and not read the books or do you read the book first?



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