Six Sentence Sunday

It’s Sunday again and that means it’s time to drag out the ol’ work in progress and select six sentences to razzle and dazzle you with.  The following six sentences come from a YA paranormal story of a young girl who is an exchange student in France.  I hope you enjoy it. Look next week for a post on Irezumi tattoo art.

The smell of fine cigars hit her when she entered the tiny shop. It was packed with
people supporting their habit. Lizbet got in line and waited her turn behind a
man in a nice suit. He had dandruff all over his shoulders though and she made
sure to stay back from his greasy hair. The French may know how to dress, but
some of them still did not know how to bathe.

“Dunhill, menthol, two packs s’il vous plait,” she asked.

Six Sentence Sunday

Even though I did not register this week with the Six Sentence Sunday group, I thought I would put up my six sentences to continue the story. I was actually finishing another WIP (work in progress) and completely spaced what day it was! So I apologize for not doing this sooner.

This story is a young adult paranormal with the heroine, Lizbet, as an exchange student in Nantes, France. She’s seventeen and loving her experience. She comes from a small town in the States and has never traveled before this. I’m still in the beginning of the story. I hope you enjoy it. Also please excuse the lack of posts this week. Have been busy busy writing!


The bus roared up and splashed her with water but she didn’t care. She
jumped on as fast as she could and sat as close as she could to the driver. She
looked back indiscreetly and was alarmed to see that Tomas had gotten on as
well. What was she going to do? Lizbet got more panicked as each stop rolled by
and Tomas didn’t get off. She didn’t want him knowing where she lived but also
didn’t want to get off at some secluded stop to have him follow her.


Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday, where I post six sentences of a current work in progress (WIP) of my writing. This week will be a continuation of my YA (Young Adult) story tentatively called Lizbet’s Story. It’s a paranormal about a foreign exchange student in Nantes, France. Enjoy!

Lizbet made her way down the steps and into the cold, rain soaked night to meet her friends. She could hear the loud rhythmic music coming from the café. It was almost a block away still but the light shone bright and there was a crowd on the sidewalk. Many of the people milling around were college students with drinks and cigarettes in hand, gesticulating wildly while they spoke in rapid French. Lizbet’s appearance turned a few heads. She ignored them, instead going slowly over the wet cobblestones to make sure she wouldn’t slip. She entered the smoke filled café and was assaulted with the most enlivening African music she had ever been exposed to.

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