Tattoo Tuesday on Wednesday

I was browsing through Twitter the other day and found this wicked site. It’s dedicated to finding the best tattoos in New York City. It’s called Tattoosday.

They feature tattoos they find at random as well as special tattoos and poetry. You gotta check them out.  Some of you might not know that I do Tattoo Tuesday because the witch in my book Stained is a tattoo artist. She has a shop called Stained in Berkeley, CA. This post is going to be short today because I am trying to get the ending to my next book done so it can come out in May as promised. Next week I am going to post on Samoan tattoos.

Happy Wednesday. j

Social Media

It’s a foggy monday in the Bay Area and I am settled down in front of the computer with a cup of coffee. Ready to do rewrites, again, still. I’ve been spending too much time on Twitter, which by the way, if you haven’t followed me there I would love to see you. I’m at @jessimcbrayer on Twitter.

Which brings me to the Social Media Time Suck. As an author, I know how important self-promotion is, but it takes up so much time. It also is a fine line between “look at me, look at me” and simply being present. I have to admit I am shy when it comes to social media. I’m much more of a stalker than a tweeter or a poster on Facebook. I try to post but I can’t seem to find anything witty enough to say.  I need a good hash tag. Any suggestions on one I can start? I see a lot of authors doing clever lines about their books. I love that. I don’t like it when they just repeat verbatim excerpts from their books over and over again. Blatant self-promotion is not my thing.

Come on universe, give me some ideas and clever repartee. I need all the help I can get.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! How are you spending it? It’s been crazy hot here in the San Francisco Bay Area until today when the fog rolled in and cooled things down. Makes it nice weather to take a walk or hike. Also our town is reopening a brand new recycling center where you can recycle ANYTHING. It’s an amazing little gem of a place. We are really lucky. The best part of it is that they have a place to recycle books! People bring their used books and  trade them with other people. I’ve picked up tons of bestsellers and hard to finds there.

Do you recycle? Do you recyle books or do you keep them all? I tend to do both. Love to hear what people do with the books they’ve read.

For your enjoyment – here’s a totally unrelated picture of cute bunnies and kittens.

Legion and Paul Bettany

I know I’ve come late to the awesomeness of the movie Legion, but I’ve finally watched it the other night. I plan on watching it again tonight. It came out in 2010 and stars Paul Bettany a British actor born in London, 1971. He was also in Priest, Inkheart and was the albino in The DaVinci Code among other things. I think any movie where he has his shirt off is a good movie. I know, that was cheesy and purely for my own benefit. 🙂 The addition of wings in Legion was just a bonus.

In Legion, Bettany plays Michael the Archangel, who has made the decision to go against God’s direct order and descend to earth to protect mankind. The angels have been ordered to annihilate man because of their blatant disrespect for each other and life in general but Michael has hope in them. He has faith that God will change his mind.

Bettany portrays Michael with just the right combination of a rugged, badass general and beatific angel. The fight scenes are amazing, especially the one between Gabriel and Michael. I have a whole new respect for wings and what they can do.

If you  haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it, giving it a 4 out of 5 stars. I’ve included some drool worthy pictures of Mr. Bettany for you. Cheers.

Sucking in San Francisco

I posted the first chapter of my new book due out in May. Sucking in San Francisco will be available on Amazon. As soon as I get the cover art from the artist I will post it. It really rocks. But for the moment, you can read the first  chapter. It has its own page. It’s the beginning of a new paranormal romance series. I’ve already started on the next book in the Thorn series too. Hope you enjoy.

Kat Von D and Tattoo Tuesday

Recently, on Twitter, I’ve been following Kat Von D ( @katvond ). I have to admit to having a bit of a crush on her. She is amazing. The heroine in my book Stained is slightly based on her. I tried to put a bit of wild child in Thorn the heroine. She has long onyx hair and rides a Ducati. She’s a natural born witch who is a tattoo artist with her own shop called Stained.

My dilemna is that I would love for the real Kat to read my book. But how does one approach a celebrity to do this? I know if I just mailed it to her it would probably get thrown out before she even saw it. I don’t want to come across as a stalker. How would you suggest I make contact? Enquiring minds want to know.

While I ponder this, I’m leaving you with this tattoo to drool over in a new installment of my blog, Tattoo Tuesday. I have a thing for gargoyles. They come up in a future book 🙂

Ciao Bellas

Gargoyle Tattoo

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