Getting Ready for Stained…

Good Sunday to everyone. I’ve been absent for a while and with good reason, but now I’m back! First I broke my leg and due to the sheer immensity of the cast I was unable to get to my computer for the first few weeks. Then I was busy doing edits on my manuscript which is soon to be released. I am so excited!

The book, titled Stained, is about a natural-born witch who is also a tattoo artist in Berkeley, CA. She has a talent for working charms into her tattoos for the supernatural community and is heavily sought out for it. Her clients start to turn up dead though and she becomes a suspect. In walks our sexy Irish homicide detective. He is slow to trust her but is also not convinced she is guilty. The two end up pairing up to solve the murders and of course a little magick happens.

Check back soon because I will be posting the first chapter in hopes of enticing you to buy the book 🙂

It’s good to be back… happy reading.


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